Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Nebulous Series 3

I love Nebulous. If you haven't been lucky enough to hear it, I highly recommend you hunt down a copy on amazon or play as soon as possible.

I love it because it's just plain silly.

It's a bizarre mix of Pertwee era Doctor Who, a splash of Quatermass and a light sprinkling of Police Squad, mixed together in a bowl with half a pound of butter, an egg, a handful of sultanas and... I'm drifting...

It's such a cleverly silly comedy. Half the gags, you can hear coming a mile away, which is great because you laugh before they arrive, its like you are waiting for the punchline.

Series 3 sees Nebulous, Paula, Rory and Harry facing old nemesis Dr Klench once more, played with gusto by David Warner. Also the last episode features Doctor Who himself David Tennant.

If you like your comedy genuinely funny, but aren't too po faced to laugh at silly humor, then get hunt this down as fast as possible... but remember....

No running in the corridor!

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