Sunday, 3 August 2008

Gavin & Stacey Series 1 DVD

I got into Gavin and Stacey quite late in the day. Sort of. I watched the first episode, really liked it, watched the second episode, ditto. Then thanks to holidays and odd scheduling on BBC3, I managed to watch the same two episodes again about 3 times but none of the other episodes of the series!

Thankfully, the series then went over to BBC2, and they had a full night, showing back to back episodes... I fell asleep after episode 3! Not because it was bad I hasten to add, just because I was tired.

So, it came to pass that I purchased the DVD on the day of release. I got it from for a very reasonable price.

And my verdict of the series as a whole? Breathtakingly good! It isn't your usual BBC comedy. Those range from terrible predictable farce ( My Family , etc) to surreal humor ( League of Gentlemen , Mighty Boosh , etc...)

So it's nice and refreshing to get something, not exactly inbetween... something.... Real. All comedy shows are exaggerated and cartoonish in their own way, and Gavin & Stacey isn't. It feels real. It has exaggerated elements, but they feel believable thanks to the stellar performances by the regulars.

And that's the secret of Gavin & Stacey's success. Every character is real, important and funny. They all have their various quirks and odd behavioral patterns, but they are all real characters. You care what happens to them, you laugh with them and, amazingly, you cry with them.

That's a strong thing for a comedy series to achieve, and hats off to the writers, James Cordon & Ruth Jones for doing such an amazing job of it here.

Series two is just as good, but we'll wait for the DVD release to review that one.

If you want 3 hours worth of heart warming comedy, then buy a bottle of rosé, order in a pizza and settle down with someone you care about. Stick this DVD on and you're guaranteed a perfect evening.


If you like my recommendation and enjoyed Gavin & Stacey, please feel free to buy me a coffee.

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