Thursday, 17 November 2011

Brand new Doctor Who mini episode on tomorrow night's Children In Need

Hurrah, a mini-episode unlike any other, apparently. From the publicity stills, we're talking a direct-to-camera chat by Matt Smith regardng the auction of the eleventh Doctor's costume.

So not unlike anything we've seen before then. But still, a little bit of fun and an extra bonus for the fans, so bring it on! Plus it's for a good cause, so dig deep if you enjoy.

Also, watch out for the first scene from the 2011 Christmas Special, which will also be featured in this year's Children in Need appeal. It's the first glimpse we'll get, and I for one, can't wait.

Doctor Who Movie Announced

So, a new Doctor Who movie has been announced as in development. What will this mean for the television series? Who knows. Will the show be able to co-exist with a rebooted movie version as it did back in the sixties? Only time will tell, we guess.

The American producer has expressed that changes are required to make the format work, and it will most likely have a back to basics approach. Let's hope that this big-budget venture doesn't jeapordise the series that's shortly to become 50 years old and has kept the same continuity whilst constantly refreshing and regenerating more often than the lead character.