Saturday, 16 April 2011

Sylvester Mccoy returns as the Doctor?

There's some odd rumblings over on the Lan Levine forum. Sylvester McCoy (who is currently in New Zealand filming the Hobbit) has been spotted, dressed as the seventh Doctor, filming some sequences against bluescreen for as-yet unconfirmed projects.

But what has been mentioned is that he's provided voice material for an animated version of the Dark Dimension, and he's performed some material as the Doctor that will be dropped in around pre-filmed scenes from the 1990's independant drama Downtime.

These scenes will also feature Pasmaha... Phamasaha... The old monk bloke from the Abominable Snowman.

A picture has leaked onto the net featuring Sylv standing at a table, trilogic game in front of him and a Celestial Toymaker type figure sat opposite him. What this footage is for, we do not know, but as another rumour was regarding the use of the Master's specially filmed sections from a late 90's Doctor Who computer game (starring Anthony Ainley), which apparently mentions the Toymaker, this would fit in with the whole 'game playing' scenario.

Whether any of these projects see the light of day, well it's too early to say, but it's nice to know that things like this are being filmed, and hopefully one day, we might all get to see what they've been up to!

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