Friday, 4 December 2009

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince DVD Review

Well, the wait is finally over. Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince is finally available on DVD. So, what did I make of film 6? As with the last couple of films, things are much darker and more dangerous than before. There's a bleakness to this and The Order of the Phoenix, a sign of the dreadful things to come.

If you're looking for a feel good film for Christmas, then this probably isn't it. If however, you're looking for a well paced, action packed adventure story full of twists and turns along the way, then buy this DVD, you won't be disappointed.

If you're a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy, then this film has more than a passing similarity to the Empire Strikes Back. It's a bridging film. Bridging one film to the finale, but still managing to be a great film in its own right.

The actors give it their all, and as usual Alan Rickman steals the show. Daniel Radcliffe , Rupert Grint and Emma Watson have grown up with the series and are becoming increasingly confident actors.

The supporting cast is as fantastic as usual, all the great British actors are there to help keep the level of acting permanently high.

The magical creatures are as well realised as ever, and the final battle is exactly as I envisioned it after reading the book, which is an impressive feat indeed. One thing is for sure, Hogwarts will never be the same again. And the fates of everyone lie in the balance. The lives of professors' Dumbledore , Magonagall, Snape and Hagrid will never be the same again.

I hope writer JK Rowling is proud of how well her books have transferred to the big screen, because this one is truely magic.

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