Friday, 4 December 2009

Gomez - A New Tide Album Review

I love Gomez . What a great band to go and see live. Their songs are so feel good, that they're practically the only antidote these days to the depressing indie sounds of Coldplay and the like.

So, Gomez are back with a brand new album. And it's definitely a return to form for them, it's truly sublime.

One of the best things about Gomez, is that you can put their album on, whoever you have in your company and they will enjoy it. It's excellent as background music at a dinner party, but crank the volume up, and it's a great chill out end of night party album.

  1. "Mix"
  2. "Little Pieces"
  3. "If I Ask You Nicely"
  4. "Lost Track"
  5. "Win Park Slope"
  6. "Bone Tired"
  7. "Airstream Driver"
  8. "Natural Reaction"
  9. "Very Strange"
  10. "Other Plans"
  11. "Sunset Gates"
The album is available here for a special price: Gomez A New Tide

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