Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Prince releases new track - RnR Affair

So, after 2 years of near silence, Prince has decided to release a new song. If you're not familiar with Prince's more recent work, such as the UK Newspaper freebie '20Ten', then you'll probably not know that he's been on a bit of a MPLSound retro vibe for the last few years. This song takes him back into the direction of rock/pop. It's nice enough to sing along to, but it doesn't have a chorus. Am I the only one who finds this weird? Lack of chorus aside though, the song bobs along nicely. It's clearly an autobiographical account of how he hooked up with latest protegé Andy Allo, who releases her own album 'Superconducter' any time now. From the snippets, Prince is all over that album like a rash, which is nice, but am I the only one who just wants him to get his backside back in the studio and work on some new freaky funk material. We know he's capable of it. come on Prince... show us how it's done ;)

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