Monday, 1 March 2010

District 9 DVD

I wanted to see this film when it was out at the cinema, but for one reason or a another, it passed me by. Got the chance to watch the movie on DVD last night, and I thought it was great.

Very tense, loved the way that it was set out as though it was a documentary, it worked so well. I sometimes find this type of filmaking technique distracting as actors tend to 'act' no mater what, which just doesn't seem natural when it's supposed to be a real documentary, but it worked so well here. It was a great story, and the characters felt real. There wasn't a hero, there was just a guy, and that is such a refreshing change from the usual hollywood blockbusters.

The effects were fantastic, and there was a few parallels with Avatar. Course, this came before Avatar was released, and there is no way that the parallels were on purpose, but it was nice to spot them anyway.

Top film, if you like your scifi with a bit of political umph, then you should really enjoy this film.

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